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When choosing our P2Pool servers New York public nodes keep in mind three important factors:

Your Efficiency

1. A very special feature of p2pool is that your found shares are stored on every p2pool node, if one node goes down you can switch to another and continue mining uninterrupted. Because of its decentralization p2pool is highly resistant to malicious attacks that often will take other pools offline. It is recommended to configure your miner with three separate p2pool nodes for maximum reliability.

Verifying the node fee is typically a good place to start, fees can be set by the node operator between 0 and 100%. You can view the fee of our public node by visiting “/fee” . Other factors you may want to consider include uptime, node hash rate, and latency.

2. Latency (the time it takes for your data to reach the node) is very important with P2Pool, more so then with traditional mining pools. It is a good idea to ping any node you are considering mining on from where you will be mining to ensure you have a fast connection.

Latency Recommendations

Greater than 100ms – Too far, look for a closer node
Less than 100ms – Looking good
Less than 50ms – Great, your in the zone!
Less than 30ms – It's raining hashes...
Less than 10ms – Are you sleeping in my data center?

3. Because of its decentralized nature, and fast expected time to share p2pool has a higher stale and DOA share rate then a traditional pool. Your efficiency, not the nodes efficiency, relative to the global pool is important to monitor. If your efficiency is equal to or better then the global average you are mining at an advantage compared to the majority of the pool.

Most front ends will provide both node and pool efficiency. They may also be found at “/local_stats” and “/global_stats” respectively. After you have given your miners some time to establish a baseline review your DOA and orphan share rate as compared to the overall pools. A high DOA rate means you may have something wrong with your miner configuration while a high orphan rate means there is high latency between your node and the rest of the pool.

Welcome,  Miners

Jose Luis Ocaña
Puerto Rico

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